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Enjoying Web Development with Wicketは持っていて、Wicket in Actionもほしかったのですが、amazonで予約中になってたので「まだ出てないのかなー」と勝手に思っていたら、PDF版なら買えるとid:t_yanoさんから以前教えてもらったのを思い出し買いました。
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Part 1 - Getting started with Wicket
1. What is Wicket?
2. The architecture of Wicke
3. Setting up a Wicket projec
4. Building a cheesy Wicket application
Part 2 - Getting a basic grip on Wicket
5. Understanding models
6. Using basic components
7. Using forms for data entry
8. Composing your pages
Part 3 - Advanced Wicket
9. Creating custom components
10. Creating rich components
11. Authorization and authentication
12. Working with resources
13. Localization and internationalization
14. Database driven applications
15. Putting your Wicket application in production